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OPPD Culture & Diversity

OPPD Culture & Diversity


Valuing diversity: it helps us complete our job

At OPPD, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce and to growing a network of diverse suppliers. We recognize the value of the unique perspectives, ideas and efficiencies it brings to our company and the communities we serve. We believe building diversity in all that we do helps us complete our job as Your Energy Partner.

It is our mission to be seen as an employer of choice across across our community, reflecting the neighborhoods where we all live, work and play. Our employees get to make a difference in the lives of people and communities across our service territory. We respect our employees by sharing our success through valuing their healthy work-life balance, and providing them with the tools to succeed both personally and professionally – offering flexible work schedules and so much more. Perhaps that is why our customer service has earned us the J.D. Power Award consecutively for the past decade and beyond.

Personal Development Programs

Career Development

OPPD offers employees many opportunities to increase current job skills or to prepare employees for future opportunities. Continuing education and degree programs in utility-related and business fields are encouraged through partnerships with several colleges and universities. OPPD programs serve to benefit both the employee as well as the organization by providing both personal and professional development.

Toastmasters: District 24, Club 455

We can talk up a storm! With more than 30 members, we typically give 100 speeches per year, answer more than 300 table topic questions, and provide positive, constructive feedback to our fellow Toastmasters each week. Our club meets every Thursday for an hour of fun. 

Honoring Communities

Community Service

As a publicly owned organization, OPPD is limited as to the financial support it can give, so we support our employees’ endeavors to make their communities a better place. Employees give generously of their time and talent. Some hold elected offices. Some serve as mentors for K-16 students in Partnership 4 Kids, INROADS and Legacy I3 programs. Others wield power tools for Habitat for Humanity, or refurbish old computers that make their way to needy families. Teams of employees band together for activities like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, United Way of the Midlands and Heartland Walk for Warmth. Employees shine in almost every aspect of life in southeast Nebraska, helping to brighten the lives of customers, literally and figuratively.

Diversity & Inclusion Training

OPPD's diversity program helps our company reflect the diversity of our employees and the communities we serve. Our program objectives support individuality and encourage change agents in creating an inclusive culture at OPPD and in the community. It is designed to increase awareness and a commitment to change one aspect about oneself to become more inclusive, and to hold one another accountable to behave in an inclusive way. We see the value of diversity and inclusion and know diverse organizations make better decisions, are more innovative and perform better.

Wellness and Healthy Living

OPPD has a long history of supporting the health and well-being of its employees. Several wellness programs are available to assist employees with both knowing their current health status, and actively working towards maintaining or improving it. These programs include onsite SimplyWell health screenings, skin cancer screenings, flu shots, blood pressure monitoring, education programs, stress management, teams in community events, tobacco cessation, a wellness resource library and more.

Employee Resource Groups

African American Network

OPPD's African American Network embraces and uses the talents of our African American employees to recruit, mentor and foster diversity and inclusion with current and new employees. It prepares and supports African American employees for advancement through professional development and exposure to OPPD leadership.

OPPD Women's Network

OPPD's Women's Network provides an avenue and opportunities for women to develop, demonstrate and promote their leadership abilities through active advancement of the company’s business objectives. Women play an active and important role in OPPD's business. The Women's Network fosters a supportive company environment that recognizes the value of women’s contributions, and inspires members to achieve their personal and professional goals.

OPPD Society of Engineers

OPPD’s Society of Engineers (OSE) is open to any current or retired employee holding an engineering degree from an Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) program recognized by ABET, Inc., and interns, co-ops and employee-students enrolled in an EAC program. OSE provides a formal network to attract, retain, engage and develop engineers. One of the core pillars of OSE is direct involvement in the community in order to generate student interest in the field of engineering. OSE is also an excellent place for resource sharing among peers. For more information about the Society of Engineers, please peruse our brochure or email a member at

Young Professionals Group

Young professionals (YPs) represent a dynamic and energetic group of employees. OPPD’s YPG is an organization both for young professionals interested in becoming more involved with OPPD and those interested in promoting YPG. Members represent diverse backgrounds and professions and are committed to personal and professional growth. YPs are bringing new, innovative ideas to corporations all over the world. In today’s changing business environment, young professionals face many pressures, both professional and personal. The traditional avenues for participation in OPPD may not suit the needs of YPs because of time constraints, shift hours, and financial concerns. YPG offers these employees alternatives to the traditional participation.