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Committee Meeting Schedule & Minutes

Committee Meeting Schedule & Minutes

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The next committee meetings are Tuesday, Mar. 13, at 8:30 a.m., OPPD Energy Plaza, 9 West Seminar Room, 444 S. 16th St., Omaha, NE.

Upcoming 2018 Committee Meetings

March 13
April 10
May 15
June 5
July 10
August 14
September 11
October 9
November 13
December 11

2018 Material

Committee Meeting Package 
SD-13: Stakeholder Outreach and Communication
2018 Spring Transmission Line Rebuild
15kV Outdoor Metalclad Switchgear Contract
Community Solar Rate Rider
NERC Board Update

Committee Meeting Package 
SD13 Stakeholder Outreach Policy Refinement
SD6 Safety Monitoring Report
NC1 Finishing Superheater Replacement
ORION Interlocal Agreement 
FERC Update 
January Minutes

2017 Material

Committee Meeting Package 
Innovation Initiative Presentation
Integrated Energy Marketplace Presentation

Committee Meeting Package 
Board Policy Refinement Discussion
Best Places To Work Presentation
Cost & Process Strategic Initiative Presentation 
November Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Elkhorn River Valley (ERV) Presentation
Accountable Management System (AMS) Presentation
Board Policy Refinement Discussion Presentation 
October Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Elkhorn River Valley Transmission Project Sample Photos
Sarpy Transmission Project Update
Southwest Power Pool Update
SD-10 Ethics Monitoring Report
1483 Union Negotiations
Financial Sustainability Presentation 
September Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Reconstruction of 345kV Line
Sarpy Transmission Project & LaVista Transmission Project Updates
Best Places to Work Survey Results
Union Negotiations Presentation
Strategic Initiative Update 
August Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Nebraska City Landfill Photos
Board Workshop Update 
July Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Fuel Classification
Board Workshop Presentation 
June Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Q St & 192nd Road Project Claim
14603 Saratoga St Claim
RFP 5139 Structure Types
RFP 5140 Autotransformers
BOD Retreat Governance Discussion
May Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
SD-11 Economic Development Monitoring Report
BL-12 Energy Hedging Transactions Monitoring Report
Governance Process (GP) Policies 1-14 Monitoring Report
Board-Staff Linkage (BL) Policies Monitor Report 
Transmission Right-of-Way Acquisition, Routing, and Condemnation Update 
April Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Retirement Plan – 2016 Annual Report
SD-14: Retirement Plan Funding Monitoring Report
2017 Power Circuit Breakers Contract
Compensation and Benefits Review 
March Minutes

Committee Meeting Package 
Cost and Process Initiative Presentation
January Financial Report
SD-3: Access to Credit Markets Monitoring Report

Committee Meeting Package 
FCS Decommissioning Fuel Strategy Presentation
State Legislative Update
Proposed Large Power-High Voltage Transmission Level Rate Modifications
SD-8: Employee Relations Monitoring Report
SD-1A: Mission Monitoring Report
SD-1B: Vision Monitoring Report
January Minutes