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Energy-Saving Tools

Energy-Saving Tools

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Road to Energy Savings

Roadmap To Energy Savings

Home improvements, both big and small, can help you create a more healthy, efficient home. But it's important to make these home improvements in a specific order. Follow the Roadmap to Energy Savings.

How-To Videos Available

Do you like do-it-yourself projects? The Energy-Efficiency Video Library has several videos to help you improve the energy-efficiency in your home with simple. 

Video Library

Where Do Your Dollars Go?

Monthly Expenses ChartUse the Monthly Household Expenses tool to learn where you spend your money. From there, you can find ways to save.

Energy Usage Calculator

Energy used by appliances and lighting can be substantial over time, so it's important to make purchases with energy-efficiency in mind. Use this tool to calculate the monthly costs of running appliances and lighting in your home.  READ MORE