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Monthly Household Expenses

Monthly Household Expenses

Where Do the Dollars Go?

As your energy partner, OPPD provides a number of resources to help you save energy. So be emPOWERed - as energy costs continue to rise, the ability to understand and manage your energy use will become increasingly important.

And why stop there? We've put together a pretty cool tool to help you take a look at all your household expenses. You just might find some additional savings opportunities and that's always a good thing.

Simply enter the approximate amount you spend each month in the categories below. Click "Submit" and your expenses will be totaled and charted to a pie graph for understanding where your dollars go.

Transportation $ Car Payments, Insurance, Gas, Maintenance, Vehicle Taxes, Parking, etc.
Communication $ Cable TV, Internet, Phone, Cell Phone
Food $ Groceries, School Lunches
Electricity $ OPPD
Gas / Water $ MUD, Black Hills Energy, etc.
Entertainment $ Dining Out, Movies, Vacations, etc.
Housing $ Mortgage, Rent, Insurance, Real Estate Taxes, etc.
Medical $ Doctor, Dentist, Orthodontist, Prescriptions, Medications, etc.
Other $ Charitable Contributions, Magazine/Newspaper Subscriptions, Day Care, etc.